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King's Inner Path Kung-Fu Association
5 Animal 5 Family Style
Sifu Richard Mieir-King
4333 Ostrom Avenue
Lakewood, California 90713-2841 USA
NOTE: This is our mailing address, not school address
For info call us at
(562) 425-3168

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Tai Chi and Chi Kung For Health, Tuesday morning

Tai Chi and Chi Kung For Health

Start your day the right way, with Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  Join in, have a good workout and make new friends.  Tai Chi and Chi Kung's natural, calming and graceful movement will  build and accumulate your energy rather than dissipate it as some exercise will do.  This method will leave you energized without pounding your joints and body.  Tai Chi and Chi Kung will build endurance,  relax and relieve tension, improve health and healing as it builds longevity and youthful vitality.  This will improve your overall fitness and sense of well being, you will find it easier to move, concentrate and feel energized for the rest of the day.  Sifu Richard Mieir-King has been involved, and certified in, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and health and wellness since 1971.  He also consults as a wellness coordinator for business and medical clinics.   

Location:  5000 Clark Avenue (between Cith Hall and Library)
Lakewood, CA
Times:  Tuesday - 9 am to 10 am
Lakewood residents - $37 for 6 weeks
Non residents - $47 for 6 weeks

For info you may contact Sifu Richard Mieir-King at: 
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Map to our classes, Tuesdays at  

Map for morning Tai Chi

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