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King's Inner Path Kung-Fu Association
5 Animal 5 Family Style
Sifu Richard Mieir-King
4333 Ostrom Avenue
Lakewood, California 90713-2841 USA
NOTE: This is our mailing address, not school address
For info call us at
(562) 425-3168

Mieir King's Kung Fu and Tai Chi

King's Peaceful Muscle Jow

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A one of a kind formula designed specifically for our clients and now available to you for the first time. As with all of our liniments, this product is an excellent addition as a massage liniment/treatment, for the holistic minded, or anyone looking for a natural addition to their medicine or first aid chest.   Specially designed to potentially ease:   

Inflammed Nerve Pain

Besides the pain relieving benefits of this liniment it may also be of benefit with: 

Easing and Relaxing Knotted Muscles
Soothing Fatigued Muscles and Joints
A Superior Massage Liniment
Easing Headaches
Speeds Healing
Eases Nerve Pain

King's Kung Fu and Tai Chi Peaceful Muscle Jow
Customers have reported amazing results.  Now you can try it also.  Experience for yourself what others have been talking about and reap the benefits of this specially engineered formula - You may be amazed by the results.  Comes with a free instruction sheet explaining how to use this powerful liniment.  

2 Ounce Bottle $19.99  /  4 Ounce Bottle $24.95

Check with us on shipping fee.
California residents add sales tax.
Contact us and we will tell you the simple, easy steps to submit your order thru Paypal.

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Mieir King's Kung Fu and Tai Chi

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