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King's Inner Path Kung-Fu Association
5 Animal 5 Family Style
Sifu Richard Mieir-King
4333 Ostrom Avenue
Lakewood, California 90713-2841 USA
NOTE: This is our mailing address, not school address
For info call us at
(562) 425-3168

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King's Liniments Testimonials!

Read what others have to say about King's Liniments

"I use Sifu Richard’s dit da jow at least once a week before working on hand conditioning. Before I starting using dit da jow, I would wake up the next day with sore hands. My joints would look swollen. After I started using dit da jow, I would feel no pain the next day. Sifu Richard’s dit da jow works. After applying dit da jow to my hands, I sense it working right away. I can feel the circulation increasing by the tingly sensation I get.  Sifu Richard’s dit da jow is not only good for conditioning, but works wonders on external injuries. I apply it to bruises and sore muscles and it speeds up the healing process. This is a great product to use and I highly recommend it." - Dan H

".. Has dramatic effects when used on acute injuries.  I would recommend it to anyone."
 J. Johnson, Nurse and Masseuse

"It is soothing, it relieves aches and pains" - R. Angress, Martial Artist

"...It heals muscle injuries and provides pain relief.  It has proven results." - J. Lamb, Educator

"It works when nothing else does, it accelerates healing, eases pain.... I know people who could benefit from its use."  - J. West, Author and Martial Artist

"... it eases the aches and pains of my arthritis, sore muscles and more.... I know people who could use these liniments, in fact, I don't know anybody who couldn't benefit from these products."  - D. King, Senior Citizen

"I have used the product called Dit Da Jow.  It is excellent for muscle aches and pains. Also I found it is great on insect bites too. It relieves the itching and swelling.  I found if I continue to use it on some of the insect bites the discoloration of the skin will go away and come back to normal color.  I recently purchase Dit Da Jow for a friend who was having pain and swelling in their wrist after having their cast removed.  They were pleased with the Dit Da Jow. They said it helped them greatly with relieving the itching, swelling, soreness and some of their pain.   Thank you again" -  Sharon C.

"I have been using your Dit Da Jow for over a year now, and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from muscle or joint pain. I like that fact that it is made from natural herbs, and that it simply relieves tense, sore muscles and joints. It has helped me relieve chronic neck, elbow, knee and foot pain. I usually apply it before I sleep, and when I wake up in the morning, the pain is gone. I have also added the liniment to a Band-Aid for stubborn areas of pain. I hope this information is helpful."   - Dirk Aldridge

"...My recluse spider bite has benefitted from these liniments.  The weak joint does not hurt half as much and the weak muscle is starting to feel better.  I can't thank you enough.  All I can say is Thank You, Thank You and many more Thanks".  -                R. Nordloh, Strasburg, Colorado

"... You have many satisfied users and believers here in North Dakota.  Thank you for your time and your product"  -  D. T. Weir, Fargo, North Dakota

"Being a skeptic I was very dubious the first time Sifu asked me if I wanted to try some Dit Da Jow on a bruise that I just got from practicing with a weapon over 10 years ago.  I told him that I would pass because I wasn’t into “voo doo magic”.  A short while later Sifu offered me a sample for a cut that I had just gotten from work and I rolled my eyes as I accepted his offer.  I could not believe it but a cut that should’ve taken about 10 days to heal only took about five days.  I tried it on a bruise and it was gone in under a week; from that point on, I’ve been using the Jow.
My most interesting experience with the herb mixture was when I got five stitches on my forehead on the inside of my right eye brow.  I hit my head on the corner of a tall dresser and got a deep gash.  As soon as I got home from the hospital, I put on the Dit Da Jow twice a day for five days.  On the fifth day I decided to remove the stitches myself but had to give up because the middle three were too tight and I couldn’t cut them.  I went to the doctor and he had difficulty removing them also.  After apologizing for the pain, he said that he has NEVER seen a stitched-up cut like mine heal so quickly.  I can only attribute that to the herbs.
My wife and I use Dit Da Jow whenever we get an injury or a strain and it really does help a new injury heal faster.  Take it from a skeptic, the herb mixture works."  - EYI

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