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I am a high school teacher by trade and have been into the martial arts since about 1975. I have studied under several masters, teachers, sifus, and senseis. I have done judo (was on judo team in college), northern style kung fu (earned a black belt), some aikido, some hapkido, and some karate. I initially chose Sifu King because of his credentials. I followed that up with personal meetings and several written communications. I believe I have found a knowledgeable sifu who can communicate and demonstrate the many skills needed for kung fu. He earns the respect of his students in action and deed. He shows personal interest in us as students and as persons. I have learned more from Sifu King than I have under the several other teachers, senseis, masters, and sifus I have had. His depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I could go on about some the things I have seen in other schools that were not good or right, but that isn't the point. The point is I don't see those things with Sifu King. I am very proud to be one of his students.

Robert Rockwell

I am very honored and fortunate to call you my sifu, as well as my friend. you have really helped me in the path of chi development and focus, and i will always be open to your instruction. The late yip man once said that a good teacher does not just drill a student in one linear path, but teaches the student in a way that makes it best for him to learn. I believe Sifu King does this. He always seem to teach by example. this is great, for if he only said to do this or that because it was handed down that way, and never tell why or how the movements work, then there would be some who learned from him and some who could not because they could not understand. as it is, Sifu King provides a map for each of us. while the directions may not always be the same path for each person, the end result is still the same destination. becoming a better martial warrior and person. I have learned to trust him and depend on his wisdom. as a teacher. Leaning is not just on the teachers part. the student must want to seek the answers and find the truth. you can point one in that direction as a sifu, but if a student does not try truly to grasp your knowledge then he/she is to blame. learning from you is always fun and rewarding. my power has doubled since i found Sifu King. and i intend to keep going as long as you will teach. i know him to be honorable and a true master of your art. stay the course. respectfully,

Peter Stickler, extension Student in Colorado

I decided to take Tai Chi for the "anti" stress benefits it possesses. Upon starting training with Sifu Richard, I instantly became driven to learn more & evolve into a more relaxed/devoted student of the Art.

I have gained more confidence & agility through the techniques I have acquired in class & find myself subconsciously using them in every day life.

I feel there is a high level of professional, personal & friendly interaction in class & carry the utmost respect for Sifu Richard. He always takes the time to explain & make me understand the mechanics of all movements.

I always look forward to class & highly enjoy all I learn. I would recommend and refer anybody who is interested in the Art to Sifu Richard! Thank you for showing me the way to a better quality of life!


Stacey Kramer

I greatly value the days that I have Tai Chi with both Sifu Richard and Jean. I look forward to Thursdays just for Tai Chi class. Even if it's the longest of my work & school days I muster through them because I know that in the evening I have class with our teacher, Richard Mieir-King. I always find the motivation to go to his class because it's such a constructive and positive environment to learn in. I feel if our teachers will be there and meet me half way to improving my skills, I have no excuse not to go to class with an open mind, or putting forth the effort.  Sifu Richard and Sifu Jean are my first instructors in my martial arts training but I do take many classes academic and extracurricular so I do know that they have the qualities of gifted teachers. The two things that I value the most in teachers that they both have is patience, and the ability to give constructive & positive feedback to the students. The training that I receive and find of benefit to me is that this class is self-paced, if I'm frustrated or confused with a part or a movement I can take my time learning it and I never feel rushed or reluctant about asking questions and Sifu Richard always asks me if I need to review something or if he can clarify something with me. Best of all is the atmosphere that our class has; it is both serene and non-competitive.  I thoroughly enjoy the company and camaraderie of all my fellow classmates and teachers.

Bruce V

If you want learn Kung Fu, then Sifu King is the perfect teacher for you. You will receive a well balanced martial arts experience of learning both practical fighting skills as well as philosophy in his class. One example of this are the drills that we practice in every class; Sifu explains both the importance of the drills as well as the ideology and philosophy of why such drills were/are practiced. Another example is the learning of forms: movement, technique, approach and application are all taught with equal importance. There is no one part of Kung Fu that is more important than the others. And in most cases, the philosophy taught in class is applicable to life in general.

Sifu's focus on the practical is only one of the characteristics that makes his class so beneficial to the serious student. Students looking to have discussions on lineage, hypothetical situations or comparisons will find themselves out of place in this class. If--as a student--your biggest concern is being able to tell people that your instructor learned from so and so or that your fighting style is "the best", then perhaps another school is what you're looking for. However, if you are looking for a well rounded martial arts understanding, I cannot recommend Sifu King's class enough.

Ed Idian

I do see more depth and I do understand more everytime I do a form from Tai Chi or Kung Fu. I learn and see more from part(s) of a move that I hadn't noticed the first couple of times. That does include viewing a form from a different angle or perspective.

I've taken a self-defense class at a local community college. At that school (or class) they (the instructor) emphasized only three or four ways to get away from an attacker, but not what to do if they (the attacker) countered these pretty standard holds. Also, by the time the class term was over, I had just started to get an idea of what to do. This class had also made me more paranoid (and not in a good way) that I had been before taking the class.

I feel that Sifu King's class is better and more preferable than the self-defense class. I believe that you can't learn how to defend yourself adequately with a 6-10 day course. Sure, its great for getting exercise, but not for something that you will have to rely on instinctively. There is so much more that is covered in these classes, than a self-defense course can't even come close to covering.

I'm more aware of my surrounding now than I was before taking the Tai Chi and Kung Fu. [and not in a paranoid way!]. At the very least, I am more aware of what can realistically be done and not done.   

Before I started Tai Chi and then Kung Fu, I went to see a kickboxing class.  I felt uncomfortable because the teacher, at least to me, seemed more interested in sparing than in teaching.  It seems as if some people have a new bruise, pain, ache or injury as a result of their training.  I have been taking classes with Sifu King for a little over 2 years; and the only time that I got hurt was, just recently, when I didn't block a strike the correct way. I was hurt ONE time in 2 years. I don't want or need to go to a class or instructor where I will come home with cuts, bruises and scraps. I've also noticed that very seldom does anyone get hurt in any of our classes. So, I know that what I'm getting here, I couldn't get from someone else.

I've found that the quality and level of instruction to be very high, as well as the depth of the instruction. I feel that I learn more with the way that Sifu King teaches. He can show me the same thing numerous times and I learn something new every time. It also stays in my head longer than if he had just shown it to me once. I wish that I knew about these classes a lot earlier in my life.

I feel at ease here. I don't feel like I am being pressured to learn forms at a speed that is not comfortable for me. I feel that there's no rush to more on to the next level of forms. I feel at ease with him because I feel that I can ask the same questions more than once and not be ridiculed or ignored because I didn't "get it" the first time.

Karen Mueller

Since I have been with Sifu Richard, I have definitely gained a more insightful and deep understanding of Kung fu. His concentration on technique and execution has helped me to expand my understanding of particular movements as well create new movements and techniques within the "established" ones taught in class. Sifu Richard always encourages creativity and individually. Each student is nurtured and pushed beyond one's perceived limits but not beyond physical capabilities. His understanding of individual's needs, strengths, and weaknesses allows everyone to obtain their best potential. I came to Sifu Richard's school for the tradition and for the different perspective he has to offer. In the 10 years of my own training before going to Sifu Richard, I never encountered a school as unique as his. I feel fortunate to have been accepted as his student into an art with great history and lineage.

Ming Loo, Anaheim, CA

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